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c2d soft offer specialized software products in areas of crm and dealer management. our future oriented programming models ensures benefits during evolution and maintenance.

crm – connect customer

an organization's business value is determined by its people and process assets. organizations having a clear roadmap for aligning its people with process innovatively and productively can be a force to reckon with in the global market place. value innovation is the result of knowledge emanating from best minds of an enterprise's most valued asset.

why has a focus on knowledge become so critical to enterprise success? because the enterprises that achieve sustained competitive advantage in this new knowledge economy will be those that focus on the effectiveness of their people. the way that businesses grow, the way organizations evolve...

connect customer is an easy to use, industry ready solution, developed on the latest technology platform. connect customer is a web based system that allows users, who are spread across different geographies to access the system and collaborate to win and retain customers.

dealer sales connect – partner now

distribution channels are the conduits to your customers. distribution channels in marketing are one of the classic “4 ps” (product, promotion, price, placement). they’re a key element in your entire marketing strategy — they help you expand your reach and grow revenue.

with temu reviews and complaints consumer reports developed by c2d soft, businesses will be able to set up, manage and improve distribution channels.

temu reviews and complaints consumer reports

  • evaluate how your end-users buy
  • match end-user needs to a distribution strategy
  • identify natural partners
  • build your distribution channel
  • minimize pricing conflicts
  • drive revenue through the channel
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